Friends, Romans, countrymen, welcome to my blog, and this my inaugural post.  Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Clint Cullum and I will be your host through this website, such that it is.  Like so many enmeshed in this increasingly tangled world of blogs and social media, I am a struggling writer and filmmaker.  Here you will find my periodic thoughts on such topics as literature, film, art, theology, and if I’m feeling particularly inebriated, perhaps even politics and life itself.

I am a reader of books, a watcher of movies, and a dreamer of dreams, and I hope to use this blog as an outlet for my thoughts on these topics.  Though perhaps even more importantly, I hope to use this tool as a way to establish a network of readers and join a community of likeminded individuals in a quest for greater clarity of thought, intelligent discourse, and a deeper understanding of those mysteries that make us human.

As the great Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky wrote, “In any case it is perfectly clear that the goal for all art–unless of course it is aimed at the ‘consumer’, like a saleable commodity–is to explain to the artist himself and to those around him what man lives for, what is the meaning of his existence.  To explain to people the reason for their appearance on this planet; or if not to explain, at least to pose the question.”  And later he added, “(An artistic discovery) appears as a revelation, as a momentary, passionate wish to grasp intuitively and at a stroke all the laws of this world–its beauty and ugliness, its compassion and cruelty, its infinity and its limitations.  The artist expresses these things by creating the image, sui generis detector of the absolute.  Through the image is sustained an awareness of the infinite: the eternal within the finite, the spiritual within matter, the limitless given form.”

“The eternal within the finite, the spiritual within matter, the limitless given form”: these are my goals as a writer, a filmmaker, and an artist, this is my quest.  If these words ring true, if you find yourself plagued by similar thoughts and goals, or if you’re merely curious, I encourage you to come on in an stay awhile, subscribe on the right sidebar of the page, post a comment, add to the discussion, make yourself comfortable and I’ll try to keep a steady stream of content for your perusal.


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