Why The Devouring Flame?

If you haven’t guessed already based on the large banner image at the top of the page, this blog is named after the title of my hopefully-soon-to-be-complete first book, The Devouring Flame.  It is a project which I have been steadily working on for over two years now and from which I just recently completed a workable draft.  Naturally it still needs some more work and I plan to do one more rewrite before attempting publication.  Nevertheless, having a full draft of my first novel is an immensely satisfying feeling and one which even a few years ago I would have never anticipated for myself.

To satisfy any lingering curiosity, the novel is about a young man named Alexander Djuric who, though intelligent and articulate, lacks inspiration and purpose in life and feels that it is not to be had on this side of the world.  In an attempt to satisfy these yearnings he decides to take a trip to Europe where he finds his way to Lisbon, Portugal–an unfamiliar town in an unfamiliar country–where he discovers a young girl on holiday with her family.  The very sight of her awakens something in him and he begins to follow and observe her from a distance.  The more he sees her the more intrigued and even obsessed he becomes, leading him steadily down a path of self-destruction.

Is your curiosity piqued?  Are you sitting on the edge of your seat dying to know what happens?  Then hopefully when the time comes I will be able to count on you to pick up a copy.  I plan also to use this blog to promote the progress from manuscript to publication and will keep you updated with any new developments.  Stay tuned!



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